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2016-12-21 12:37:51 by gamezhero

Sea Boom

Sea Boom

Living close to the sea is everyone's dream. But people often don't realise what troubles it may bring to them. They see only advantages, and frankly, there are a lot of them. You have the access to the fresh air and the access to the sea. Nobody will suffer from hunger, if you know how to fish. People of the reef lived here peacefully for a long time, taking care of their homes and children. They didn't even thought about that something bad could happen. However, when you don't expect anything bad, it comes to you by itself. One day people saw sea creatures coming out of the water and they had that kind of look, that you would definitely say they have come with hostile intentions. The sea creatures want to expel you from this reef, but you have no other place to live. Despite, why should you leave your home, when you can resist them and have good chances to cast them back into the sea? Fight sea creatures and get three stars for every successful level. Everything depends on your accuracy and the feeling of good timing. Deliver the bomb straight to the sea monster and make sure, that nothing will stop the directed explosion. Eliminate them one by one and free the reef, so people could get back to their homes again. Mind, that every following level brings some surprises and makes it much more complicated to kill the creature and get all bonuses. The only way to get rid of the sea monsters is to throw bombs towards them. That's exactly why the game is called Sea Boom. For a great warrior like you these creatures won't cause much troubles, but you should think before act. Drop a bomb, wait a few seconds and blow various sea creatures. This reef is yours and always will be!

This flash game shows how important it is to defend the place where you live. One day someone can raise his hand over your possessions, so you should be strong and smart enough to protect it. The sea creatures are vulnerable on the land, so you have a big advantage that can bring victory to your hands. Play the game online and deal with all difficulties, that this invasion has brought. The reef is huge, so your battle will last for long. There will be a lot of creatures on your way and some of them have already found a shelter. Reaching them is a trouble, but not for a defender like you!

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Coloruid 2

2016-05-25 03:52:00 by gamezhero


Are you tired with complicated online games? Want to play something simple but smart? Well, we've got something for you today. Coloruid 2 is a game with a simple task to complete. But you should not be spoiled with its simple look as it very challenging and not that easy to complete. Comparing to other flash games you can't pass to another level without completing the current one perfect. So if you stuck, the only thing left to do is turn on your brain and think harder. You should think of every option and every step to see the whole picture and make your next move. The general idea of the game is to make the whole circle one colored in few steps. You will have multiple random areas colored differently and at the final move you should have the whole circle one color. There is no difference what color you will paint it in the end whether its yellow or green it must be solid. If you take a close look you will see that the structure of the circle looks similar to cell, the ones that we have in our body. The circle moves and even act like a real cell when you look at her through the microscope moving around and pushes away everything that enters the territory of the cell. The same principle is in this free online game and after you release the small object by painting the big one it will be pushed away to the district. There are twenty levels in this game, but it will be enoug for you to test your ability to think. Five colors and only a few moves to make the circle look solid. There are no time limits in this game and you can take your time to think and try some of your options. No need to worry if you fail because you will have a chance to do that again and again. After the level completion you will pass to another and more challenging one. Try it and check where you stop in this chain of levels or you will have enough effort and savvy to complete the game.

After all, the game is pretty simple, but you won't get bored with it. There are no changing levels and new abilities, but new challenges that will make you think hard. Play it and check it for yourself.




Run Pinky Run

2016-03-31 11:12:03 by gamezhero

Run Pinky Run

Have you ever seen so many food? Well, as you have already understood, your task is to collect as much as possible. Could you believe that? So, just try to be attentive enough and you will set the best record. Play as a little pig and help it to survive in the best game you have ever seen.

In this free online game you will control a very crazy pinky, who wants to survive at any rate. There are so many enemies and you must avoid them all as soon as possible. Just run really fast and you will love this amazing game. Just feel free and try to escape from all these terrible monsters, otherwise the level will be over and you will have to pass it again and again. Is everything clear? Then the only one advice to you is not to waste your time and play the best game ever. "Run Pinky Run" will help you to improve your speed, reaction, attentiveness and other skills and abilities. Are you ready for such a great challenging online game? So, this is your chance! Do not miss it. There are also many medals that you can get. Run really fast and you will be the real winner of the game. But still if you will loose any level, then the medal 'oops' will be yours. Is it not so cool? Duh! By the way, you can also use many super abilities. For example, you can use the speed and run really fast. Just use all of them to pass every level and run away from your enemy. When you will pass all levels in jungles, then you will be awarded with the medal 'Goodbye Gorilla'. And there are so many medals here, just do everything right and help this cute pinky to survive in such crazy worlds. In general, this amazing runner free game is the best way to spend some of your free time while running. Are you agree? Just try to open endless mode and get the medal 'the Scamper in the Beach'. As you can see, everything depends on your skills, so, just do it right and you will be not disappointed.

If you are ready to help this cute pinky, then just do it immediately, and do not forget to collect all the food to become more and more stronger. The main thing is to survive and escape many foes of the main hero. Play this cool runner online game and have much fun, as usual. Good luck here.

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Xmas Boom!

2015-12-22 07:15:17 by gamezhero wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and presents you with this funny game.

Fulfillment of all wishes in the New Year!

A very angry witch Gruzona does not like Christmas. On the eve of it, witch turned all the gifts in malicious green monsters and now no one will receive gifts for Christmas. Santa’s team of helpers moves forward to remove the spell all the presents before Christmas. Just hurry up, we need your help



​Soon is Christmas! And you are the only one, who can save it. In this amazing game you will face to so many troubles. The main thing is to kill the villain and do not forget to collect all the candies here!

Use all the tips and try to do everything right. Well, there are so many exciting and challenging levels, that you will play it for hours. Have no doubt! Well, if you are ready for that, then go ahead right now. Is everything clear? Then go ahead and play this cool game. As usual, use the mouse to play and have so much fun here. The physics game "Xmas Boom" is special for you! So, would you like to take part in such an exciting challenging game? Then do not waste your time and save this Christmas. Well, if there are no other ways to the win, then just play this game and solve a lot of puzzles. You can be sure that this game will bring you so much pleasure and satisfaction. That is why, you will play this game not only for hours, but the whole day! The main thing is to kill the monster and take the presents. So, if you are ready, then just play the medals online game and you will get so many medals. Well, are you already fascinated? So, be sure that you will cope with it. This amazing online puzzles game gives you an opportunity to get many medals. For example, if you pass the first level, then the medal 'first gift' will be yours. Or do everything to pass all levels of the first location and you will be awarded with the 'first location' medal. As you can see everything depends on you. There are many exciting levels, and you have a great chance to improve all your skills and thinking abilities. Try to pass half of the game and be the owner of the 'Half Way on the Game' medal. You will be the real winner, if you collect all candies, and just get 'Happy Xmas' medal.

That is why, this amazing free online game will help you to make this holiday beautiful and amazing. So, have no doubt that you will solve all these cool puzzles. Just have faith in yourself and have fun, as usual! Are you ready for that? Then go ahead and play the game online immediately. This game brings you a lot of fun, do not miss it.

Dracula Boom

2015-10-19 12:09:05 by gamezhero

Dracula Boom

In this game you must do everything to kill all the Dracula here! You must use the bomb and use it as better as possible in order to kill them all! Just throw all the problems away and be sure that you will cope with it. Well, well, let us play it and see all your skills and abilities? Let's go!

The best free online game "Dracula Boom" is the best way for you to spend some of your free time and save the world from all these terrible creatures. Do you think that it is so easy? Well, then just try it and be sure that you will cope with it. Just throw all the problems away, invite your best friends and try to become the only one winner of the game. Are you ready for such a challenge? Then play this cool online puzzle game and you will like it! Have you ever had a chance to kill all the Dracula and become the real hero? Then do not slip your chance and try to do everything right. In this game you will sink into the strange dungeon that has a lot of strange things and real jeopardy. Are you brave enough? Then this game is for you! Everything is up to you now, play this amazing free online game and you will be not disappointed. As you have already understood, your main goal is to use the bomb and explode it near the Dracula. Wow! It is really amazing! Just try it right now and you will be not disappointed. Are you ready for such a challenging online game? Then start it immediately and save the whole planet from all these terrible creatures. Could you believe that? So, there is no other way to the win, just use all the skills and you will cope with it. Is everything clear? "Dracula Boom" game is waiting for you! We wish you good luck here.

In general, if you wanna to improve all your skills, then choose this game and we will be proud of you! By the way, this fantastic free online puzzle game is played by children and adults as well. Are you ready for that? Then choose it and you will love! There is no other way to the win, just play this game and kill Dracula with a bomb! Be sure that you can do this, have no doubt! So, do everything to vanquish this game as soon as possible.



Rainbow Hamster

2015-06-02 11:58:12 by gamezhero

Rainbow Hamster

Everyone of us likes the summer. Or just that day, when it is very sunny and beautiful. To have much fun, while lying on the beach and drinking something sweet and delicious. This all about our little Hamster that you can play in this cool action game for free.

But something really terrible has happened and someone has stolen a Sun. Could you believe that? It was stolen by evil creatures and now summer is in real danger. As you have already understood, you have to help the protagonist to save our star of the day. You will have to bounce through the difficult way to the top and try not to fall down! In this exciting online pets game try not to forget about coins and some bonuses! Cause there are so many obstacles and even monsters that you have to avoid with this cute Hamster. This is your chance to save the sun as soon as possible. Just bring it back! Draw the line and and make something like the trampolines. It will be so funny, we promise you! This free physics game have two modes, where you can improve all your skills and thinking abilities. So, jump through the impediments and become the real hero! It is quite easy to play, just use the mouse. If your friend will fall down, do not despair, just start it from the beginning, cause you know that only forceful people can get something important in the life! Provide your guidance to this small pet. There are also a lot of medals that you can get. For example, 'magnate' medal you can get if you collect enough coins, or the medal 'jumper' if you buy new three upgrades. Cool, yeah?! There is only one way to the win – jump up and do everything to save the Sun! There are a lot of levels in this fantastic action game, that is why arm yourself with patience and you can be sure that you will do it! Do you think it is so easy to become the hero? Then we wanna to check it immediately! Invite your bests and play it together! This is the best way to spend some time with pleasure and benefit.

In general, this free online pets game gives you a great opportunity to sink into the most wonderful world that is full of danger and unexpected surprises. Are you ready for such a challenge? So, just go ahead! You can be sure that you will save us from the darkness!



Gift Rush 3

2014-10-16 09:07:10 by gamezhero

Gift Rush 3

Everyone likes to get a gift, or maybe someone likes to give a present to anyone? It is so nice to be the persons, who likes it. We can offer you to play a very cool skill game “Gift Rush 3”.

This is the game, where your dreams will come true. Here your main goal is to deliver a present. Main heroes are little spiders and you will have a chance to be like a little spider, try to do everything that a gift will reach it's recipient. Be very attentive, cause if the spider will weave a web wrong and he can not make his darling happy. You can also get any of each medal. There are: “Cake with 1 candle”, “Cake with 2 candles”, “Cake with 3 candles”, and so on.

This game can play not only children, but also adults, cause after a hard working day everyone wants to relax for a while, and the best way to do it, is to play this amazing skill game “Gift Rush 3”. Sometimes it is not so easy to play as it seems to be. You have to use all your logical thinking and all your skills, cause in some levels you will need it to make a right step. While resolving difficult puzzles you will help to reach these little spiders in their common aim. It relies, of course, from their physical abilities. You have to be very attentive, cause sometimes the answer to the level is closer than it seems to be. You have enough time to think over, but everything depends on your speed and sagacity. This puzzle game have 25 levels of fun and challenge. If you can not pass the level at first, do not be sad, just restart this level and play it again, or you can invite your best friend and doing it together must be easier. Each of the level could be more and more difficult, but we know that you smart and quick enough. This is a third game from the “Gift Rush” skill games series. If you wanna to make somebody smile, then choose this game and do it right now!

In general, this puzzle game “Gift Rush 3” will help you to improve all your skills and if you will play it once, you will do it every day, cause such games are not only interesting, but also makes you more and more better.



The Lord of the Tower

2014-07-17 09:18:27 by gamezhero

The Lord of the Tower

The magic kingdom and the King himself are in a big trouble! Hordes of ugly and evil monsters, zombies and warlocks invaded this land and attacked the King's palace. Many brave knights tried to defend their lord, but all of them died game in an unequal battle against the evil. Looks that the kingdom will soon fall – of course if you will not intervene in the situation and defeat all the enemies. Are you ready to show everything you know and everything you are able to do in the brand new free flash game “The Lord of the Tower”?

You are probably this magic kingdom's last hope, thus you must not let it down. Build some fortification structures and stop the invasion using battle towers. There are several types of towers in this strategy game, and you must use each of them wisely, because some of them are just fortifications, and some of them are able to attack the enemies. You can also try to destroy the monsters dropping the heavy towers onto their heads – however, this is not the best way to kill the enemies because the towers get badly damaged. The less damage your towers get during the battle, the more points you earn in this cool game. Remember that the king's palace must not be damaged, otherwise this will lead to a severe loss of score. You will need all your skills to defeat all the monsters in this online action game – speed of reaction, attention, bravery and a little good luck!

Your task in “The Lord of the Tower” is very responsible, thus you must not let down the people who have set their last hope on you! Be ready to face a lot of evil enemies on your way and try to kill them all. And give them no mercy – they are very cunning. The dark forces attacked your kingdom and encroached upon the throne of your noble King – and this means that they must be wiped off the face of the earth! Do not waste your precious time and start destroying them as quickly as possible in this fun skill game, moreover, it would be better if you will start doing it right here and right now. Do not let the magic kingdom fall! So, in the whole, basing on the above, we can consider the free online flash game “The Lord of the Tower” to be a relatively interesting and successful game project worth being played by children, teens and adults of all ages all over the world.


Good Morning and Die

2014-07-10 06:13:38 by gamezhero

Good Morning and Die

An evil extraterrestrial scientist kidnapped a brave astronaut and made him pass some terrible experiments, where his life is put on stake. He gave him only 13 minutes to pass them all successfully and said that otherwise he would kill him. The poor man has nothing more to do but to get to work, risking his own life every moment. But we are afraid that he will be unable to survive if someone will not help him. So, in this free flash game “Good Morning and Die” we offer you to help the brave man pass all experiments successfully and with honor.

There are a lot of games somehow related to science, but this one is truly unique because all laws of physics are taken into account here. However, this does not prevent the evil scientist from breaking some of them. Are you ready to show everything you can? Then do not waste time and start playing this amazing arcade game right now. And remember that your time is strictly limited – you have only 13 minutes to pass all tests, otherwise you will be dead...

There are a lot of various challenges you will have to accept, and each next one is much more difficult than the previous one. Thus you must be maximum fast, careful and precious to manage to complete all your tasks within only 13 minutes – this will be a good test for your logical thinking and bravery and a good opportunity to check all your skills. This free online skill game is very interesting, thus we think that having completed it once, you will not stop and will try to complete it a couple of times more. At least, we hope so. The astronaut is in real danger and needs your help on his long and difficult way to the freedom. Only if all challenges will be passed, he will finally gain his long-awaited liberty. Are you ready to show all your skills in this online adventure game? Then we will not disturb you anymore and will only say that the game “Good Morning and Die” can be considered to be a relatively interesting and successful project worth being played by children, teens and adults of all ages in the whole world. Start playing this wonderful game right now and have a lot of moments of fun helping the brave man to pass some dangerous experiments.


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Super Battle City

2014-06-23 07:45:33 by gamezhero

Super Battle City

Have you ever played the legendary “Battle City” game on a console? Almost everyone has probably played it, especially if his or her childhood passed in the 1990s – the era of 8-bit games and game consoles. Now the players have a great opportunity to enjoy the second episode of the famous gaming masterpiece. Are you ready for a new war which is very dangerous but at the same time very breathtaking? Then we are proud to present you the new game “Super Battle City” which surely will not leave the true gamers indifferent!

The second part of this legendary hit is based on a brand new Flash engine, which allows the players to enjoy their favorite adventures, even if they have no game console. Moreover, these adventures are becoming more and more interesting with each new level. Unlike the previous episode, where the player's main task was to defend his home base, here his task is not only to defend the base from the enemies, but also to capture turrets, bases and, of course, destroy enemy battle machines. You can also find explosive barrels on almost each map. If they are shot, they explode with enormous power, destroying all enemies within a certain radius from them.

The graphic system of this wonderful free online game has been totally remodeled. This became possible due to the Flash engine of the game. You will also be pleasantly surprised with a new feature which was not presented in the previous episode: a shop where you will be able to buy powerful upgrades for your tank when you will earn a certain amount of money. You can upgrade everything: the tracks, the armor and the cannon. This will allow you to destroy the enemies several times faster and to earn more money. If you liked the Battle City game when you were a child, you will surely like its second episode too because it is even much more interesting and amazing.

One more thing has been added to this version: realistic sound effects which were missing in the first part of this amazing shooting game. So, in the whole, basing on the above, we can consider the free online flash game “Super Battle City” to be an entirely interesting and successful project worth being played by children, teens and adults of all ages all over the world. Just launch this cool game – we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed, even for a moment! And the only thing left to us is to wish you a lot of fun playing “Super Battle City”!


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